Phase 1 will help you to validate the market potential of your business idea. The long phase 1 programme is held part-time over a 5 week period 2 evenings a week. During the 10 sessions you will stress test your business idea, carry out market research, look at the financials and begin pitching your idea.  We have also add a shorter, intensive phase 1 bootcamp run over 1.5 days which will take place for those who missed the long programme.
Phase 1 workshops will allow you to tease out the feasibility of your business idea, evaluate if your idea can be turned into a viable business proposition and to learn what entrepreneurship entails. Upon completion of the course, you will be clearer about the viability of your business idea and will be armed with enough information to decide whether or not you are ready for the next step.
It is recommended that you begin your New Frontiers journey with Phase 1 using the skills you acquire during the programme to progress with your idea turning it into a business proposition


Part-time programme held over two evenings per week for approximately 5 weeks

Peer to peer networking and learning

Business validation and market research workshops

De-risk your business model

You can continue in your current job

Arrive at a go/no-go decision

Prepares you and improves your chances of accessing Phase 2

Next New Frontiers Phase 1 

2022 dates to be confirmed

Application Process

Complete the online application form when the call opens.
All applicants will be invited to participate in a short telephone call to discuss their application.

The call is competitive and is open to individuals who have an innovative idea for a new business.



Phase 2 is a full-time programme over six-month with intensive engagement, places are offered following a competitive selection process.
During Phase 2 you will receive intensive support to develop both your own skills and to work on your business proposition. This will entail full-time participation in workshops, mentoring and regular milestone reviews, free co-working space and expertise and guidance from the programme team. Using this support, you will fully detail and validate your business proposition and identify potential customers, sales channels and funding options.
You must be available for full-time participation in this six-month course. To facilitate this, you will receive up to €15,000 in funding, subject to satisfactory performance and development reviews.

The aim of this phase is to support you in the development of an investor-ready business plan.
The programme consists of practical and interactive workshops, personalised one-to-one mentoring, financial support and co-working space. The programme is a game-changer for anyone serious about developing their business idea into a successful start-up.


Support package valued at €30,000 including a €15,000 tax-free stipend – subject to satisfactory performance – with no equity taken in your business

5 x one-to-one mentoring sessions with seasoned mentors from the Enterprise Ireland mentor panel

Support & Guidance in developing a strong business plan

Practitioner-led workshops covering all aspects of building a successful start-up

Free co-working space & other incubation facilities for 6-Months

Access to expertise within the Institute of Technology, i.e. research centres, graduates, etc.

Web hosting and support from Amazon worth $15,000

The Next New Frontiers Phase 2 Programme Will Take Place in 2022

Applicants will be required to complete an online application form and submit a Business Model Canvas
Due to the volume of applications expected to be received shortlisting will take place. Those short-listed will be invited to a Pitch/Interview.



Having successfully completed Phase 2, participants can apply to participate in Phase 3 of the programme. During this phase, participants will focus on implementing their business plan by bringing their product/service to market and preparing to acquire further funding.
*** You must have completed Phase 2 of the programme to be eligible to participate in Phase 3. ***


Further support package 

Co-working space for further 3 months

Introduction to government and private investment support opportunities

Additional 3 x one-to-one mentoring sessions