Crafting Business

Supported by Creative Europe, the ‘Crafting Business’ project was inspired by the need to build capacity within the crafts sector across Europe. It is a partnership between nine expert organisations across Europe. Specific priorities of the project include: 

Support transnational policy co-operation leading to policy development in the crafts sector
• Foster capacity building through innovative approaches through the development of skills and business models for craft professionals and representative organisations in Europe
• Enabling people to gain new skills which will enrich their professional life and open new channels in the labour market

A key focus of this project is to enhance new skills and improve employability of emerging and current professionals in the craft sector. Crafting Business will include expert training and tutorials, seminars, webinars and collaborations between makers and designers. The project seeks to engage future generations of skilled craft professionals and to open up potential new markets and opportunities for the sector. The project also includes a research element, which will be conducted across several countries in Europe. Detailed analysis and research into the economic value of the craft sector within Europe has not yet been undertaken. This leads to a knowledge, value and awareness gap both within the sector itself and at local, regional, national and European level. Crafting Europe will undertake research into the economic value of the craft sector, in order to disseminate a clear and cohesive understanding of the impact and value of European craft.

Who Should Apply?

  • A craftsperson
  • A maker
  • A designer
  • An artist
  • A creative

Having your craft-focused practice as your main income or working towards this. 
There are no requirements on the structure of the business. Partnerships can apply as long all partners are involved in the creative and making process, and the work submitted with the application is made by the partnership. 
Emerging: you will have started your practice or business within the last four years or be about to start practicing. 
The following may be used to decide when you began your practice:
You may be making all your work by hand. You may be doing batch production. You may be developing work for retail, exhibitions or residencies. But making, primarily in 3-D, will be at the heart of what you do.

The Programme Provides

Makers with a programme of business skills and creative development through:

Business planning and designing your future

Verbal presentation and written skills for makers

Peer review and critical debate for business and creative practice

Market and audience development, and ideas around production

Costing, pricing and financial planning

Participant Testimonials

 A great way to enhance my passion for crafting wool & creating designs that are innovative and unique to me 

by Clare Costelloe

 I found that this programme enabled me to be less fearful about bringing my craft to life and creating a greater audience for it 

by John Scallon

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