Lunch & Learn Series:Frank Guy

10 Jul 2020 Jodie Gilpin By Jodie Gilpin

Coping Effectively When Working Flat Out at Work
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Organisations today are challenged to ensure their people are engaged in their business strategy, and the work they do is aligned to that; without that engagement, performance is sub-optimal. At an individual level, people are working longer hours, handling multiple tasks and distractions, and often performing ineffectively; the personal cost can be stress and burn-out, with implications for their team and the organisation as a whole.

Frank’s talk is based on the work of Loehr and Schwartz, who brought their sports coaching findings into the business. It prompts a heightened self-awareness, examining the energy we bring to work (and life) and explores practical strategies for how we can manage ourselves better.

Presenter: Frank Guy
Venue: Hartnett Centre Boardroom, First Floor
Time: 12:30 – 13:45
Lunch available from 12:00