Guilt-free summer treats? Two Irish women make 'cold pressed juice on a stick'

09 Jul 2020 Jodie Gilpin By Jodie Gilpin

Hartnett Centre clients BJ Broderick & Trin O’Brien, Wellnice Foods Ltd and an alumni of the New Frontiers Programme at LIT feature in the Irish Independent and tell readers why they chose ice pops:

BJ tells “I was studying to become a nutritional health coach. I knew I wanted to stay in the health and wellness industry but with a food product. A vegetable-based product is suitable for everyone. I was looking at cold-pressed juices and then I realised that there were a lot of people doing them, and I thought what if I turn this into an ice pop?”

It’s cold-pressed juice on a stick and their products "Al Hail Kale" and "Two Carat Diamond" and "Frost Beet", have no added water.

They have exported for the first time to the UK this year. They now announce that they will be launching a multipack version for supermarkets in September and then they will start their new product development for a fun and healthy range. Something to look forward to.

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