An on-the-go liquid food full of natural nourishment for exhausted new mums

10 Jul 2020 Jodie Gilpin By Jodie Gilpin

Leonie Lynch, Juspy a New Frontiers Alumni features on The Irish Times. While Juspy products will be aimed mainly at women (of all ages), the product is already attracting attention from health-conscious men, especially those with demanding fitness routines. “Our competition is the food people pick up when they are tired and crave sugar. For new mothers, that may be confectionary or baked goods or chocolate and we hope that having Juspy as an alternative will help them choose the better nutritional option.” The product will be rolled out online and to retail outlets in Ireland by the end of the summer followed by the UK. From the off, however, Lynch designed her product to scale and her ultimate aim is to grow Juspy into a global lifestyle brand. To read the article click here