The Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre is delighted to work with companies and/or successful individuals who support the ethos and ambition of the centre and want to be associated with LIT and EAC moving forward.

Funding for development of the Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre based on campus at Limerick Institute of Technology was provided under the National Development Plan, 2000-2006 and part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Enterprise Ireland, the Irish state development agency, has invested in the Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre (EAC) as part of their Regional Development Programme.

Limerick Institute of Technology would like to acknowledge the generous financial backing of both Enterprise Ireland and AIB for EnterpriseSTART.

The Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre acknowledges the generous sponsorship of the LEAP 2008 End of Year Showcase held on 8th June 2009 provided by Carey & Associates CPL and Enterprise Ireland.

The LEAP programme thanks AIB and Enterprise Ireland for their sponsorship of the hugely successful 3rd Annual Mid-West Entrepreneur Showcase held in Thomond Park during October 2009.

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