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New Frontiers Participants 2019

Kids Language Fun / Lingweezy - Aisling Finn

Promoter Name: Aisling Finn

Company Name: Lingweezy

Email: info@lingweezy.com

Phone: +353 85 1705735

Website: www.lingweezy.com

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/lingweezy

Description of Company: Lingweezy is an online languages learning program which gets primary level children speaking foreign languages within the first minute. Children are immerse in the target language and progress through the game, interacting with digital avatars through speech. Lingweezy is aligned with the European Framework of Languages.

AAMcEvoy - Alison McEvoy

Promoter Name: Alison McEvoy

Company Name: AAMcEvoy

Email: info@aamcevoy.com

Website: www.aamcevoy.com

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/AAMcEvoyIreland

Description of Company: AAMcEvoy is an award-winning luxury Irish organic clothing & accessory brand for children & adults. AAMcEvoy products are designed and crafted in Ireland using certified organic cotton. The majority of our products are unisex. We focus on quality, craftsmanship and an ethical and traceable production process.

The majority of our products are unisex. We focus on quality, craftsmanship and an ethical and traceable production process.

Your Virtual Race - Brian Cox

Promoter Name: Brian Cox    

Company Name: Your Virtual Race

Email: brian@yourvirtualrace.com

Phone: +353 83 4240625

Website: www.yourvirtualrace.com

Twitter: @yourvirtualrace

Description of Company: Your Virtual Race is a platform that enables companies to run workplace wellness programmes where all employees can take part in one event regardless of location, time zone and ability. The platform will register, track and rank all participants on a global basis in real time.

Tornoc Industries - Eoin Keane

Promoter Name: Tornoc industries                    

Company Name: TorNoc Industries

Email: info@tornoc@gmail.com

Phone: +353 85 1358134

Website: http://tornoc.ie/

Description of Company: Tornoc Industries specializes in mixed reality gaming content, providing our customers with immersive and disruptive gaming technologies.

Profitgrow Limited - Ger Nunan

Promoter Name: Ger Nunan

Company Name: Profitgrow Limited

Email: ger@profitgrow.ie

Phone: +353 87 3680934

Website: www.profitgrow.ie

Twitter: @ProfitGrow_ie

Description of Company: Profitgrow simplify the management of beverage stocks for the hospitality trade with innovative cloud-based solutions pinpoint stock discrepancies as they materialise while compelling bar staff to be directly accountable with the monitoring of dispensed alcohol against registered sales in real-time providing greater control, accuracy and cost savings over all other stock systems on the market today

BaseWorx - Graham Clarke

Promoter Name: Graham Clarke         

Company Name: BaseWorx

Email: graham@baseworx.co

Phone: +353 87 9111145

Website: www.baseworx.ie

Twitter: @baseworxteam

Description of Company: A management platform for flexible workspaces, BaseWorx seamlessly manages your venue with a comprehensive suite of tools. This centralised system handles memberships, payments, meeting rooms and event management. It’s private social network module and internal messenger fosters collaboration and strengthens community from within.

Zerve – Jason Hillary

Promoter Name: Jason Hillary              

Company Name: Zerve

Email: jason@zerve.io

Phone: +353 87 1263222

Website: www.zerve.io

Description of Company: We provide a fast and easy way for businesses to use their data to improve quality and automate tasks. Zerve is a platform for automatically creating Artificial Intelligance Solutions from images and tabular data. Its user-friendly interface lets you do what used to take month in an afternoon.

Accounting Pro - Kevin Deasy

Promoter Name: Kevin Deasy              

Company Name: Accounting Pro

Email: kevin@accounting-pro.ie

Phone: +353 1 6933370

Website: www.accounting-pro.ie

Twitter: @AccountingProIE

Description of Company: Accounting Pro provides specialised accounting services leveraging off our proprietary software and contractor specific solutions. We eliminate all the taxation, payroll and administrative burden for our clients and allow them to focus exclusively on their primary concern - their day to day contracting role.

iDyslexic - Mark Culleton

Promoter Name: Mark Culleton          

Company Name: iDyslexic

Email: markculleton.mc@gmail.com

Phone: +353 86 3983602

Website: www.idyslexic.com

Twitter: #idyslexicapp

Description of Company: iDyslexic is the worlds first social network for people living and working with Dyslexia and ADHD with built-in secure classrooms where a student, parent, teacher, caseworker interact with one another on IEP's, homework, calendar and activities. Using artificial intelligence to measure the interaction we will improve how people learn and teachers teach.

Thomond Gate Whiskey - Nicholas Ryan

Promoter Name: Nicholas Ryan           

Company Name: Thomond Gate Whiskey

Email: info@thomondgatewhiskey.com

Phone: +353 83 460 7757 UK +44 7401 676077

Website: http://thomondgatewhiskey.com

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/ThomondW

Description of Company: Thomond Gate vision is to distill our efforts to restore a local heritage craft, that delivers a uniquely pleasurable experience for our consumers, that enrich their senses and take them on a journey through time, by curating a spirit with depth and complexity beyond it’s years.

MyBev Ltd - Padraic Hayes

Promoter Name: Padraic Hayes           

Company Name: MyBev Ltd

Email: padraic.mybev@gmail.com

Phone: +353 87 1698730

Website: mybev.ie

Description of Company: We give consumers the choice to customise their nutritional beverage on-the-go. We are the world’s first custom nutritional beverage, with a globally patented, tubeless dispensing system. Whether it’s 90% protein with 10% immunity or vice versa. The consumer decides!

Deviate - Patrick McCarthy

Promoter Name: Patrick McCarthy

Company Name: Deviate

Email: patrick@deviate.ie

Website: www.deviate.ie

Twitter: @deviate_ie

Description of Company: Deviate redefines the way students prepare for exams. A focus on content delivery has led to a lack of focus on teaching students how to learn and develop expertise. Deviate is an online resource that teaches students how to develop strategies to become a skillful learner and promote lifelong learning.

What's The Scór - Paul Flaherty

Promoter Name: Paul Flaherty             

Company Name: What's The Scór

Email: paul@whatsthescor.ie

Phone: +353 87 2402248

Website: www.whatsthescor.ie

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/WhatstheScor

Description of Company: What's The Scor is a Live Score Gaa App for clubs, county, schools and colleges. What’s The Scór have designed a user-friendly platform for PRO's/Club Officials that update games regularly. What’s The Scór will be the One Stop Shop for all Gaa Live Scores, Fixtures and Results.

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