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New Frontiers Participants 2018

Brendan Reddin & Trisha Kelly - BT Wines Ltd.

Promoter:           Brendan Reddin & Trisha Kelly
Company:           BT Wines Ltd.
Tel:                     +353 (0)87 2465056 / +353 (0)87 1212262
Email:                 btwinesltd@gmail.com
Website:             www.btwines.ie

Description of company: BT Wines was founded by Brendan Reddin and Trisha Kelly with a view to creating a range of premium wines which have a distinct Irish aspect. The introduction of Irish Peat brings a unique and distinctive Irish element to grape varieties everyone knows and loves.

Ciara McGuane - Rathú.

Promoter:           Ciara McGuane
Company:           Rathú
Tel:                     +353 (0)83 8550852
Email:                 rathuireland@gmail.com
Website:             www.rathu.ie

Description of company: Rathú is a professional development provider for teachers. We make excellent professional learning accessible* for every teacher! * Anytime, Anywhere!

Ciarán Lohan & John O'Keeffe - Kelo Technical Solutions Ltd.

Promoter:           Ciarán Lohan & John O'Keeffe
Company:           Kelo Technical Solutions Ltd.
Tel:                     +353 (0)87 7983943 / +353 (0) 87 9509124
Email:             ciaran.lohan@upcmail.ie jpokeef1@gmail.com

Description of company: Kelo Technical Solutions, a company focused on innovative tattoo technologies, to ensure a better experience for artists and customers.

Cristiona Ni hIcí - Ceile

Promoter:           Cristiona Ni hIcí
Company:           Ceile.
Tel:                     +353 (0)87 3377821
Email:                 cnihici@gmail.com
Website:             www.ceile.ie

Description of company: Céile based in Clare specialises in Broth's and Kombucha using locally sourced organic ingredients. Kombucha is a traditional probiotic drink, we brew in oak, infuse local botanicals in our well water for a unique taste of the wild atlantic way. We sell via retail and hospitality. Ceile won Best Start Up Clare IBYE 2017.

Emer Flannery - Kaloo Wellness Ltd.

Promoter:           Emer Flannery
Company:           Kaloo Wellness Ltd.
Tel:                     +353 (0)86 0823515
Email:                 inspire@emerflannery.com

Description of company: As rates of anxiety and insomnia soar, our focus at Kaloo Wellness is to promote positive mental wellness and alleviate symptoms of mental illness. Through our product innovation we support mental wellness, naturally, by utilising sensory stimulation and deep touch pressure because everyone deserves optimum restfulness and the physical and mental benefits of the best nights sleep.

Ivan Tuohy - Congray Ltd.

Promoter:           Ivan Tuohy
Company:           Congray Ltd.
Tel:                     +353 (0)87 6886377
Email:                 ivan@congray.com
Website:             www.congray.com

Description of company: Congray is a technology platform that captures and manages data for visitors attractions and sports stadia. It will enable new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality to be integrated with existing rich content on a single, easy to use, off-line platform. It will build a communication network between customers and businesses, closing the customer journey circle for the first time

James Moriarty & Cian Conway - ProActive Stats

Promoter:           James Moriarty & Cian Conway
Company:           ProActive Stats
Tel:                     +353 (0)87 1366760 / +353 (0)85 8426284
Email:                 james@proactivestats.com cian@proactivestats.com
Website:             www.proactivestats.com

Description of company: Too many sports teams limit their potential. ProActive Stats enables teams of all sizes to gain actionable insights on their data through our professional sports analytics platform. This competitive edge can be leveraged by coaches and players to ensure improved performance and a more engaging experience for supporters.

John Carr - Offerre Ltd.

Promoter:           John Carr
Company:           Offerre Ltd.
Tel:                     +353 (0)86 2334020
Email:                 john@offerre.ie
Website:             www.offerre.ie

Description of company: Offerre Limited is a Supply Chain company focused on the design and implementation of contemporary supply chain solutions, processes and systems. The company is focused primarily on supply chain configuration and implementation fulfilling the requirements of the medical devices and healthcare sectors.

Kevin Walsh - Fuel For Fitness

Promoter:          Kevin Walsh
Company:           Fuel For Fitness
Tel:                     +353 (0)85 130271
Email:                 kevinwalsh1992@gmail.com
Website:             www.fuelforfitness.co

Description of company: Fuel For Fitness creates 60-second Tasty & Low-Calorie Video Recipes for active people. We are best known for our fakeaways where we transform a 2000 Calorie Pizza for example and create a 400 calorie version, communicated through a 60 -Second Video Tutorial.

Kieran Kyne - Blade Check Ltd.

Promoter:           Kieran Kyne
Company:           Blade Check Ltd.
Tel:                     +353 (0)87 6342321
Email:                 kierankyne1@gmail.com

Description of company: Wind farms are located in notoriously difficult environments, the blades are hundreds of feet up in the sky. Access to the blades is difficult, very expensive and dangerous. Blade check will bridge this gap by using drones to carry out blade inspections and develop innovative software to automate the process.

Laura Enache - UpPointe Creations

Promoter:           Laura Enache
Company:           UpPointe Creations
Tel:                     +353 (0)87 2293196
Email:                 laura.enache@uppointe.com
Website:             www.uppointe.com

Description of company: UpPointe Creations offers a customised 'orthopaedic' , ai, wearable insert that helps dancers be physically healthier, avoid foot and ankle injuries, perform correct movements and manage and optimise their performance.

Laura Jayne Foley - Canabaoil Ltd

Promoter:           Laura Jayne Foley
Company:           Canabaoil Ltd.
Tel:                    +353 (0)86 4099624
Email:                 laurajaynefoley@gmail.com

Description of company: Canabaoil Limited is a seed to shelf Irish hemp company. We are setting standards in the cultivation of high-quality hemp under licence from the Department of Health, extracting legal, non-psychoactive CBD oil for the domestic and international health food market.

Stephen Mc Garvey - The Food Connection

Promoter:           Stephen Mc Garvey
Company:           The Food Connection
Tel:                     +353 (0)86 3048922
Email:                 stephenmcgarvey@hotmail.com
Website:             www.thefoodconnect.com

Description of company: The Food Connection is a market based solution for commercial food waste. Fast Casual and Food on the Go restaurants who want to become sustainable food businesses can use the food tech platform to sell their surplus food at discounted prices to target customers nearest to their restaurant in real time.

Thippeswamy Sannaveerappa - Lubdub Foods Ltd.

Promoter:           Thippeswamy Sannaveerappa - Lubdub Foods Ltd.
Company:           Lubdub Foods Ltd.
Tel:                     +353 (0)86 3948872
Email:                 swamy@lubdubfoods.com
Website:             www.lubdubfoods.com

Description of company: As an Innovative solution to single use plastics, Lubdub Foods introduces the edible cutlery range that empowers everyone reduce the global plastic pollution in small steps.

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