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New Frontiers Participants 2017

Ailbe Kinane - Jewel IOT Systems

Promoter:           Ailbe Kinane
Company:           Jewel IOT Systems
                   +353 (0)86 2202477
Email:                 jewel4protection@gmail.com
Website:             www.jewel-iot.com

Jewel IOT provides low cost & low maintenance remote monitoring solutions using IOT technologies.

Allen Wixted - No Place Like

Promoter:           Allen Wixted
Company:           No Place Like
Tel:                    +353 (0)83 4611338
Email:                 allen@noplacelike.co
Website:             https://noplacelike.co

Description of Company:  No Place Like displays your products using augmented reality to help convert your online sales.

Aoife FitzGibbon O'Riordan - Togán Labs

Promoter:           Aoife FitzGibbon O'Riordan
Company:           Togán Labs
Email:                 aoife@toganlabs.com
Website:             www.toganlabs.com 

Description of company:Togán Labs is a boutique firm specialised in embedded and IoT software. Focused on operating system design, implementation and ensuring open-source license compliance. It produces tools that make embedded operating system development much easier. It enables developers to quickly produce systems that are small, secure and tailored to their needs.

Barry McMackin - Fintech.ie

Promoter:          Barry McMackin
Company:          Fintech.ie
Email:                barry@fintech.ie
Website:            www.fintech.ie

Description of company: Fintech.ie is a meeting place for supporting new, innovative companies. We bring together startups, investors and corporations and build partnerships between them. You will be able to follow the exciting products being developed in Ireland and, as we grow, we will provide you the opportunity to invest in these great new companies too.

Duncan Kerin - Hatch My Fund

Promoter:          Duncan Kerin
Company:          Saluto Partners
Tel:                   +353 (0)61 518 409
Email:                duncan@salutopartners.com
Website:            www.hatchmyfund.com

Description of company: Hatch My Fund is a new innovative Financial Product in the investment/pension market. It prevents people from losing money during a persistent market fall and ensures financial rewards during market gains. Hatch is used by progressive retail banks, life assurance companies, and investment firms that care about protecting their customers from losses and providing strong financial returns.

Ger O'Keeffe - Assuré Medical

Promoter:           Dr. Ger O'Keeffe
Company:           Assuré Medical
Tel:                    +353 (0)879960456
Email:                 ger.okeeffe@assuremedicaltech.com  
Website:             www.assuremedicaltech.com

Description of company: Assuré Medical is a new medical device company with a specific focus in urethral care. With the recent warnings from WHO (World Health Organization) on the acceleration of antibiotic resistance, there is now an urgent need to develop alternative ways to manage conditions that depend on antibiotics, such as the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) which affects up 60% to 70% of women; with some 20% of all women who suffer continually from recurrent UTIs. The UTI is the most common bacterial infection worldwide and accounts for 10% of all antibiotic prescriptions. A typical UTI infection involves intense pain with debilitating symptoms lasting up to 7 days. Assuré Medical proposes bringing a non-antibiotic based device to the market which is self-administered acting as a prophylactic, preventing the infection occurring and thereby reducing the need for new prescriptions, reducing antibiotic resistance and massively improving patient quality of life. Assuré Medical’s first product is scheduled to begin trials in 2018.

Gerard Comerford - Cerebros Games

Promoter:           Gerard Comerford
Company:           Cerebros Games
Tel:                    +353 (0)86 0863025
Email:                 gerardcomerford1@gmail.com
Website:             www.cerebrosgames.com

Description of company: Cerebros Games is an AI game developer dedicated to crafting fresh and innovative experiences for players to engage their intelligence and creativity and to interact with interesting universes the company creates. As a business, the company will use the disruptive innovation model and generate consistent healthy profits and a fair return for investors by satisfying players’ underserved desire for innovative experiences at a low cost.

Iain Gilmore - LYNKMechanic

Promoter:           Iain Gilmore
Company:           LYNKMechanic
Tel:                    +353 (0) 86 4042445
Email:                 gilmore.iain@gmail.com

Description of company: LYNKMechanic is disrupting the Car Servicing sector. Our online website booking system allows motorists book directly to their local garage quickly and conveniently. We deploy cloud based tablet Management Information Systems into independent garages which convert online bookings into servicing data necessary for mechanics to operate efficiently and also digitally connect to customers and suppliers.

Javier Yanez - Geo Gardens Ltd.

Promoter:           Javier Yanez
Company:           Geo Gardens Ltd.
Tel:                    +353 (0)86 8441694
Email:                 jayasu1@eircom.net

Description of company: Geo Gardens is a start-up company that has developed a building system that minimises production and assembly costs for highly insulated structures required for horticulture. The company’s focus is on enabling vertical growing systems that will minimise production cost and increase earnings for producers.

Mairead Ahern - Éilígo Shower Systems

Promoter:           Mairead Ahern
Company:           Éilígo Shower Systems
Tel:                     +353 (0)85 8305576
Email:                 maireadaherndesignthinking@gmail.com
Website:             www.eiligo.com

Description of company:Éilígo Shower Systems specialises in the design, development, and commercialisation of a range of multi-generational, ultra-inclusive, sustainable shower pod systems geared towards current global demographic shifts such as multi-generational living, maximising the use of space in compact urban environments, and peace of mind for less-abled users and those concerned with aging in place comfortably.

Owen O'Brien - Fanstream

Promoter:           Owen O'Brien
Company:           Fanstream
Tel:                     +353 (0)86 3652777
Email:                 owenobrienk@gmail.com

Description of company:Fanstream enables fans that are attending an event to stream from their phone to the Fanstream platform. Fanstream will use each feed as a camera and add features including a clock, scoreboard and commentary and in turn put this edited footage out on the Fanstream platform. Users watching the Fanstream footage will enjoy a more holistic view of the event.

Raymond Heney - JRF Technologies Ltd.

Promoter:           Raymond Heney
Company:           JRF Technologies Ltd.
Tel:                     +353 (0)87 27 89 184 or +353 (0)62 62485
Email:                 rayheney@gmail.com

Description of company: JRF Technologies designs and builds white goods for the domestic and commercial markets. Its design will reduce the energy consumed when compared to conventional designs, bringing cost savings to the end users and contributing to their efforts to a reduce their carbon footprints.

Richie Commins - Flag Taxis Ltd.

Promoter:           Richie Commins
Company:           Flag Taxis Ltd.
Tel:                     +353 (0)85 7458580
Email:                 richie@flagtaxis.com
Website:             www.flagtaxis.com

Description of company:Flag is a taxi app that allows users to travel and pay with or without their phone bank card or cash

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