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New Frontiers Participants 2016

Alan Dormer - Black Bear Software Ltd.

Promoter:           Alan Dormer
Company:           Black Bear Software Ltd.
                   +353 (0)87 9082727
Email:                 alan@blackbear.ie
Website:             www.blackbear.ie

Description of Company:  Black Bear is a software development company creating proximity and contextual applications aimed at the cultural and Heritage sector. Leveraging Beacon technology, we enhance visitors experience by giving the objects and places around them meaning.

BJ Broderick - Wellnice Pops

Promoter:           BJ Broderick
Company:           Wellnice Foods Ltd.
Tel:                    +353 (0)86 1728396
Email:                 bj@wellnicepops.ie
Website:             www.wellnicepops.ie

Description of Company:  For the health conscious consumer, Wellnice Pops is a range of deliciously healthy ice pops made from 100% cold-pressed vegetable & fruit juice - and nothing else! All of the pops are low in calories, and have vitamins & minerals, but unlike other ice pops, Wellnice Pops do not have any added sugar.

Christopher Ryan & Kelly O'Brien - CDK Technologies

Promoter:           Christopher Ryan & Kelly O'Brien
Company:           CDK Technologies
Tel:                    +353 (0)86 1991257
Email:                 christopher@cdk-tech.com
Website:             ckd-tech.com 

Description of company: CDK is passionate about research and continued learning, to solve complex real world problems, with technological solutions. Our first product is REDOUBT: An Invisible Intrusion Detection System that detects intruders by their Footstep Vibrations, using Artificial Intelligence to distinguish between human and environmental events. It is designed to enable the apprehension of determined intruders who have passed current perimeter protection installations, (fences, cameras, patrols).

Dylan Commons – ArrowNav

Promoter:          Dylan Commons
Company:          ArrowNav
Tel:                   +353 (0)83 1653485
Email:                dylan@arrownav.com

Description of company: ArrowNav is a unique mobile application, harnessing beacon Technology. Beacon Technology is one of the pioneering technologies in regards to the much talked about ‘Internet of Things’ (iOT). With the installation of beacon devices we aim to revolutionise the way in which Students and visitors navigate through University Campuses Worldwide.

Dylan Commons – Happidigital

Promoter:          Dylan Commons
Company:          Happidigital
Tel:                   +353 (0)83 1653485
Email:                info@happidigital.com
Website:            www.happidigital.com

Description of company: Happi is focused on helping you share your story through creative marketing campaigns, stylish web design and 4K video marketing. At Happi Digital we design and create unique campaigns so you can achieve the best results possible for your business. Our collaborative approach ensures our creations are specific to your business needs.

Ed Burke - Roomigo

Promoter:           Ed Burke
Company:           Roomigo
Tel:                    +353 (0)83 855 5283
Email:                 ed@roomigo.io  
Website:             www.roomigo.io

Description of company: Roomigo helps people find and match with the right roommates and book rooms securely online.

John Bond – Smartbar

Promoter:           John Bond
Company:           Smartbar
Tel:                    +353 (0)86 4459888
Email:                 John@smartbar.eu
Website:             www.ezpoz.com

Description of company: I am involved in the development of a beverage monitoring system, including a pour spout, beer meter, optic monitor and bottle opener, which will measure dispensed alcohol, and send dispense data wirelessly via a gateway to the cloud for comparison with registered sales to highlight discrepensies.

Kirsti O Kelly - Silver Darlings Seafood Ltd.

Promoter:           Kirsti O Kelly
Company:           Silver Darlings Seafood Ltd.
Tel:                    +353 (0)86 0661132
Email:                 silverdarlings@outlook.com
Website:             www.silverdarlings.ie

Description of company: Silver Darlings is a seafood company specialising in pickled herring products for high-end restaurants and specialty food stores. Starting as a self-producing market trader, the company has now outsourced its production and supplies hotels, restaurants and culinary stores nationwide with a view to growing its domestic and export sales.

Leonie Lynch - Juspy

Promoter:           Leonie Lynch
Company:           For Me
Tel:                    +353 87 8070070
Email:                 leonie@leon.ie
Website:             www.leonielynch.com

Description of company: Juspy is an Irish functional food company that Is developing a portfolio of specialist food products and formulations for women in various life stages. Our first product Juspy ‘momme’' is a high protein postnatal recovery drink for the new mother who is tired, stressed and trying to re-establish a good relationship with her body.

Mark Boda - Solofy - Smart Energy

Promoter:           Mark Boda
Company:           Solofy - Smart Energy
Tel:                     +353 (0)85 8305576
Email:                 markboda@solofy.com
Website:             www.Solofy.com

Description of company: Solofy promotes smart energy appliances that aid sustainable living by combating the issue of wasteful electricity usage with efficient technology. OmniHeater uniformly heats using 5 times less energy than traditional electric space heaters. While OmniDryer uses rapid evaporation technology to dry clothes using 60 times less power than tumble dryers.

Mark Cochrane - Trackplan Software Ltd.

Promoter:           Mark Cochrane
Company:           Trackplan Software Ltd.
Tel:                     +353 (0)83 134 2778
Email:                 mark@trackplanfm.com
Website:             www.trackplanfm.com

Description of company: Facilities Management Software to help facilities, estates and property professionals manage their sites, assets, contractors and maintenance. Working well for Colleges, Schools, Property Developers, Property Managers, FM Companies, Office Parks, Banks and Sports clubs.

100% cloud based with off-line mobile applications for contractors and direct labour.

Shane Ryan – FEED

Promoter:           Shane Ryan
Company:           FEED
Tel:                     +353 (0)85 1243202
Email:                 shane@eatfeed.ie
Website:             www.eatfeed.ie

Description of company: FEED is an export focused food development company in the "Better For You" category. The company's first product is a range of plant based, high protein meal pots for the everyday athlete. Available in Dunnes Stores, Supervalu, Tesco and Spar stores across Ireland, for every pot you buy the company donates one meal to a child in the developing world.

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