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Telecommunications Network Infrastructure

The Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre network is cabled using Category 6 type cabling. Each company is assigned to a unique Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) and subnet within the physical network. This creates a separate broadcast domain at Layer 2, ensuring the highest degree of security and confidentiality between the different clients. All clients will use private addressing internally and external access is achieved using Network Address Translation (NAT). Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) services can be provided if necessary.


The firewall solution selected to protect the HEAC network is a pair of Fortigate 200Bs, a product of Fortinet Inc. Fortinet are the current market leaders in Unified Threat Management. This solution provides all the security requirements needed to protect an enterprise network including intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus, content filtering and traffic shaping. Using the unique FortiASCI content processor chip, the Fortigate 200B can also detect and eliminate viruses, worms, trojans and other content based threats without affecting network throughput. The primary firewall device is accompanied by a second 200B working in high-availability mode, ensuring stateful failover in the unlikely case of device failure.


Each company can arrange to have a site to site VPN connection from the firewall to a remote site such as head office. This would create a secure and encrypted tunnel between the two sites. Remote access VPN connections can also be configured to allow clients access internal machines securely.

External Connectivity

Limerick Institute of Technology’s current internet connection is provided by HEAnet with bandwidth of 1Gbps. 200 Mbps of this link is reserved for HEAC clients’ Internet access.


A 100 pair telephone cable has been run into the HEAC building from the main building and connected to the LIT PABX. This effectively allows for 100 extensions in the EAC and direct dial facilities are provided. Telephone usage is logged and will be charged back to individual clients. Clients can also choose to avail of the Institute’s client agreement with Blueface to benefit from discounted rates for VOIP services.

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